Bamboo Fiber Sanitary Napkins:Zero Addition & Natural Antibacterial


Sanitary napkins, known as one of the "top ten inventions affecting human beings in the 20th century", have solved the problem of the arrival of women's period, and have long become an indispensable "partner" in women's life.

With the progress of The Times, aunt's towel is also constantly improving, especially in recent years, with the rapid development of science and technology, multifunctional sanitary towels emerge in endlessly, such as nano-silver antibacterial sanitary towels, far-infrared physiotherapy sanitary towels, anion antibacterial and anti-inflammatory sanitary towels, etc..

So, is there a sanitary napkin that is different from theirs?Zero addition, natural antibacterial, remove the taste of sanitary napkin!

YES! It is Bamboo sanitary napkins,This is a biohealthy sanitary napkin.

Bamboo Fiber Sanitary Napkins:Zero Addition & Natural Antibacterial

The natural bamboo fiber contains a unique substance called "Bamboo kun", which has the characteristics of natural antibacterial, bacteriostatic, anti-mite, deodorant.Its antibacterial effect is any artificial added chemicals can not be compared, natural, environmental protection, lasting, health and other characteristics and artificial processing of antibacterial fiber is completely different.

In the process of growth and production, the natural bamboo fiber does not add any chemical agent, is a kind of natural environmental protection fiber in the real sense, biodegradable, under the action of microorganisms can be degraded into water and carbon dioxide, from the fundamental solution to the problem of environmental pollution, has made an outstanding contribution to protect the human living environment.

Bamboo fiber sanitary napkins refer to the sanitary napkins made from bamboo fiber.Is a true sense of zero additives, natural antibacterial, biodegradable sanitary napkin.

Bamboo Fiber Sanitary Napkins:Zero Addition & Natural Antibacterial

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