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    COTTON COMFORT - Our chemical and dye FREE 100% natural cotton topsheet, ensures you body comes in contact with the purest, irritation free ingredients. LEAK LOCKER- Perfect cotton absorbent layers to keep you free from leakage and help you feeling fresh. It is durable and prevents any leakages and at the same time locks in the natural moisture. Reliable even during your heaviest flow, protective adhesive wings to give you maximum safety and comfort. Without a drop, sleep comfortably knowing those leak proof borders and absorbent inner core will prevent any leakages. FUNCTIONAL AND COMFORTABLE - Customers report LESS DISCOMFORT and SHORTER PERIODS.Hypoallergenic and breathable sheets that allow you to stay confident all day long. Prevents unpleasant odor from seeping through. Breathable without any leakages. Non-irritating formula, great for sensitive skin. DERMATALOGICALLY TESTED - Hypoallergenic, ultra-thin, winged pads made without rayons make for ulta-absorbent and reliable protection. DESIGNED FOR YOUR LIFESTYLE - Choose from our regular day pads, or our super absorbent overnight pads, both come in oxodegradable packaging.

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