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    Newborn skin is sensitive and very delicate, so mothers can not only pay attention to thickness and bibulous intensity when choosing and buying organic newborn diapers, should choose soft, breathable, moist, long - term lock thin fecal diapers. For new parents, it's not always the right time to change best newborn diapers;Right now, might as well choose the best diapers brands that has urine wet to show a function, avoid to let the baby be in uncomfortable condition for a long time.

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  • Disposable Multisoft Baby Pamper Diaper

    1.Kids baby diapers materials: soft cotton non-woven surface layer, composite absorbent paper core, rapid flow guide layer, breathable bottom film, three-dimensional side leakage, magic button left and right stick. 2.This kind of breathable kids diapers has five sizes, L/XL/XXL/XXXL/XXXXL, and has a long-term supply stock in China.The breathable baby diapers is very thin and has a good absorption, which can meet your double consideration of product quality and price for wholesale baby diapers.

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