How To Buy Sanitary Napkins?


1. consumers should check the product logo when buying, and try to choose the recent production of products.The outer package of sanitary napkin should have the information of health license number, production date, shelf life or expiration date, standard number of execution, name and address of manufacturer, etc.


The sealing of each outer package and independent small package should be smooth, no air leakage phenomenon;Good sanitary napkin should be clean surface, uniform thickness, non-destructive sealing.In addition, from the feel of the point of view, good sanitary napkin by strong absorption, fluffiness good villus pulp production, so light and soft.If mixed with other pulp, scraps and other sanitary napkins are heavy and hard.


2. Preferred famous brand products produced by well-known enterprises with high market share sold in large shopping malls and supermarkets.


3, the choice of sanitary napkins should pay attention to their own feelings.

At present, there are many kinds of sanitary napkins, including cotton surface, net surface and fragrance and drug sanitary napkins, etc., we should choose the most suitable sanitary napkins according to our actual feelings of use.

How To Buy Sanitary Napkins?


4, scientific use of sanitary napkins.

General female menstrual period can be divided into three stages, according to these three stages can choose to use different models of sanitary napkins.

When the menstrual volume is large, the day needs to use the airfoil type, night needs to use the night safety type; Usual use of standard type; Before and after menstruation can use ultra-thin or pad. This kind of collocation choice is for safety, comfortable on the one hand, also be to save period cost on the other hand.


5. In general, it is difficult to ensure that every time you can use up a whole bag of sanitary napkins, especially working women often need to carry one or two pieces, and the whole bag of sanitary napkins once opened, it is easy to cause pollution, so from the perspective of health, it is appropriate to buy independent packaging of sanitary napkins.

If you also need to consider the economic factor, you can buy a small number of sanitary napkins per pack without the individual packaging.


6, the use of the process to prevent "re-pollution". It is best to wash hands before use, and try not to touch the surface of the sanitary napkin with your hands to avoid secondary pollution. In addition, when using sanitary napkins, they should be replaced in time.

How To Buy Sanitary Napkins?

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